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Her Mom's A Panic

Rose Marie has a regular role (she plays a writer) on CBS-TV's, "Dick Van Dyke Show." But in a recent episode she appeared only briefly at the start, and this caused considerable consternation in the town of Palisade, N.J.

The very next day Rose Marie received a letter from Palisade which read:

"Where were you tonight, honey? I looked around and you had gone. Please Tell Earl Randolph and Seldom Bernardi that all of the people here asked me about you.

"Your name was in the TV schedule; so they watched the show because they saw your name, and where were you? They asked me if you were in every week, and I said I didn't know now.

"But thank God nobody can point a finger at you. Just do your work and kill them with all the talent you got in your little finger. They still got a lot to learn. Love, Mother."

For sheer lyric prose and the ad-libbed malaprop, Rose Marie will stand her mother up along side George Jessel's mom or Gracie Allen any day--and give points.

"Nobody believes my mother," says cavern-voiced Rose Marie, until they meet her. She is a gas!"

For some reason which Rose Marie has never quite fathomed, her mother always has invented her own names for people. The "Earl Randolph" and "Seldom Bernardi" mentioned in the above letter refer to Carl Reiner and Sheldon Leonard, who write and produce the "Dick Van Dyke Show," which, incidentally, is called the "Dick Van Dick Show" by Rose Marie's mother.

Maybe it is because Stella Curley (that's her mother's real name) has trouble remembering names.

On the set at Desilu Studios where the show is filmed, anyone who hasn't got a name from Rose Marie's mother feels slighted. Morey Amsterdam is just plain Murray. Mary Tyle Moore (who plays Dick's wife) is Minnie Dapper.

In another of her mother's weekly letters Rose Marie read this newsy item:

"In the market they have a magazine with a picture with you and Murray on it and it sold out right away. It's free when you buy at the store, but my friends buy a lot and took one each time. Tell the people there that your cover was sold out at the market even faster than the one with that Benny Cossack's picture on it."

Rose Marie had just about given up on Benny Cossack, until she came across the magazine herself and found to her relief that it had Ernie Kovacs' picture on the cover. "I can't imagine how I happened to flub that one." says Rose Marie

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