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"One Misty Morning"

In addition to her career on radio, the stage, nightclubs, television and movies, Rose Marie has songwriting on her list of credits. Below you'll find the story of "One Misty Morning" which she wrote with Ruth Robin Bivona and was recorded by Gordon MacRae.



Gordie also recorded a song I wrote with Ruthie Bivona. She was Leo Robin's sister and Leo was a great lyric writer. I guess Ruthie got the talent from the same place that Leo did. We were having dinner at our house with Gordon and Sheila MacRae, George and Alice Gobel, and Perry and Ginny Botkin.

Gordie said, "We're going to record next week. Did Van Alexander call you?" Alexander was the arranger and conductor.

Bobby said, "Yes, Gordie."

"We're having trouble finding another song for the fourth side."

Bobby said, "What kind of song are you looking for?"

Gordie said, "A nice ballad."

Bobby said, "Well, Roe wrote a beautiful song called "One Misty Morning.'"

Gordie said, "Can you sing it or play it?"

I said, Yes, I can do both."

I sat at the piano and sang the song. He loved and said he'd record it. What a wonderful thing to do. I just had to go down to the recording session of course, where I heard the beautiful arrangement of my song by Van Alexander. What a weird feeling to hear twenty-eight men play a song you wrote! And Gordon sang it--and I mean, he sang it. He had such a great voice and really sang the hell out of it. It didn't sell very well, but I was ever so grateful to Gordon for doing that--he was one of my angels!

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