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Season 7, Episode 17 (Jan. 21, 1984)
Aunt Emma, I Love You/Hoopla/The First Romance
  ... Beatrice Multon
(w/Sid Caesar) 

The Love Boat Season 7 Episode 17 FULL (S07E17) by TheSkipperKey 

Season 6, Episode 6 (Nov. 6, 19982)
The Groupies/The Audition/Doc's Nephew
  ... Bertha Finch
(w/Richard Deacon and Morey Amsterdam)  

The Love Boat Season 6 Episode 6 FULL (S06E06) by TheSkipperKey 

Season 5, Episode 12 (Dec. 12, 1981)
Take a Letter, Vicki/The Floating Bridge Game/The Joy of Celibacy
Fourth bridge Player of The Merry Widows

The Love Boat Season 5 Episode 12 FULL (S05E12) by TheSkipperKey 

Season 1, Episode 24 (May 13, 1978
The Business of Love/Crash Diet Crush/I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Dotty Price
(w/Morey Amsterdam)  

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